Lesson Plan Templates

Create Your Own Lesson Plan

The templates found here are intended to serve as examples of what you can create for your own classroom needs. 
Note that these templates include the ability to incorporate audio and video samples and can be created using a variety of platforms – Word, PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.

Google Docs shown here cannot be shared. Click on the template of your choice and you will be prompted to make your own copy. You will need a free Google Account (a Gmail account is sufficient) and be logged in to create and edit your copy.

Substitute Teacher Plans

There are many good articles available online that make any attempt to improve upon that resource redundant. Check out sites like SoundStart, Band Directors Talk Shop, Pinterest and Facebook group pages.

The important thing is to be prepared ahead of time, especially for the all-too-common situation when your substitute teacher is not a trained music teacher or has any musical skills, for that matter. Here are a few strategies we have used over the years.

  • Assign videos, worksheets, theory exercises from this or any other website.
  • Peer teaching: Prepare students in advance on how to run their own ensemble rehearsals (duets/trios), and assign locations and expectations. Every small ensemble should have a leader who is prepped to carry out a successful rehearsal.
  • Assign each section to a different location, each with a tablet to watch an instructional video from TB101 and then work on the assigned concept.
  • Train a few students to conduct a class. Using some ‘pop’ pieces for sight-reading at the beginning of the year places enough pieces in their folders to use for this idea.
  • Hire a non-teacher adult who can read a conductor score to run the musical aspects of the classes. Pay them as if you were hiring them as clinicians of some sort. The regular school-hired qualified substitute teacher can be responsible for the non-musical responsibilities.