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The United States Army Field Band

The United States Army Field Band

The United States Army Field Band is the Army’s premier touring musical ensemble, bringing the Army story to the grassroots of America since 1946. Learn more about the band’s history and mission, and how it earns the title “The Musical Ambassadors of the Army.”

Educational Clinic Series

Backun Musical Services

Backun Educator Series

The Backun Educator Series presents Michelle Anderson, founder of Clarinet Mentors, in a series of videos designed specifically to help school band teachers teach clarinet more easily and effectively.



Hornsmasher is a website dedicated to the care and feeding of wind instruments with a little madness thrown in to keep it fun. The visualization of John Pedersen (builder and repairman of musical instruments for over 1000 years), John sees himself as the J
Jekyll and Hyde of instrument care. On one side, he is this crazy hornsmasher and on the other he is the Mr. Rogers of instrument care.

In each of his care videos, John demonstrates the use of his “Official Wind Instrument Care Kits,” and helps any musician take the care of their instrument to a higher standard.

FJH Music Company

Measures of Success for Bands

Measures of Success® Video Practice Buddy Series

The FJH Music Company offers you the best in educational music with exciting, pedagogically sound material.

Kevin Hamlin

Kevin Hamlin

This channel was created to help music teachers and music students everywhere with very PRACTICAL basics on how to get students learning the RIGHT way on their horn. I taught high school for 29 years, and had a HUGELY successful program. It’s time now to pass this on to you. Hopefully this will help your program too!

The videos are in two categories:
1) Me talking to you, the teacher
2) Me talking to the students
Use whichever suits your purpose best!

Dr. Selfridge Music

Welcome to Mr. Selfridge’s YouTube Classroom! I am a music teacher and I post these videos to help my students learn songs. I’m a professional saxophone player, but I try to demonstrate for my students basic skills of playing all the band instruments. I hope you find these videos helpful.


The Basic Band Book

The website is the outgrowth of a thesis and project undertaken by Dr. Glynn titled An Approach to Starting Band Students as Musicians.

Dr. David Klee

Dr. David Klee

Dr. David Klee (DMA in Flute Performance) and his wife, Judi, share a variety of musical talents with you in this YouTube channel. Dr. Klee has put together a variety of videos for beginner through advanced flutists, sharing tips from learning to play the flute to performing special effects when playing jazz and funk music. Dr. Klee has also created videos featuring his original flute music.

Mr. Smith's Instrumental Music Lessons

Mr. Smith teaches how to play woodwind, brass, percussion, and string instruments.



MusicProfessor provides hours of online instruction for beginning band students. Our instructors are some of the best in the world.

Smart Music

Smart Music

Get to know SmartMusic through video. Subscribe and be notified when we publish a new video containing tips, tricks, and testimonials.