The Complete Percussionist
The United States Army Field Band

4 Ways Tape Can Help Your Beginning Percussionists

When working with my beginning percussionists during the first days of school, I like to introduce my students to a few basic concepts: Correct instrument height Placement of the fulcrum and grip on the stick Playing position on the instrument Playing spot on the instrument However, the first few days of beginning band can be … Continue reading

Teaching Snare Drum, Day One

Teaching Snare Drum, Day One. We all know that those very first moments of instruction and learning on a new band instrument are so critical. What you say and the first steps you take to show a student the simplest basics forms the context of their understanding of how to play it. No pressure, right? … Continue reading

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Percussion Lesson 1: The Basic Grip

Vic Firth

Percussion 101

This series of video lessons will provide students and instructors alike with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental techniques for the most common percussion instruments.