BAND:TOGETHER Introduction

Beginning Band Directors! Hi, my name is Mickey Smith Jr. GRAMMY Music Educator Award Recipient and 7-time Teacher of the Year. Are you feeling alone and unsupported trying to teach beginning band while managing tough behaviors in the classroom? You’re not alone! In fact, most beginning band teachers feel just like you! This is probably the hardest time in history to be a teacher (period) and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier…

But the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! I, along with award-winning Canadian Music Educator Tom Taylor have founded BAND:TOGETHER. Together our education careers have spanned nearly 50 years. After being named a 7-time teacher of the year and GRAMMY Music Award Recipient, I decided to partner with Tom to help beginning band teachers across North America create effective beginning band instruction and classroom management especially for these challenging times.

BAND:TOGETHER on a mission to make your job easier, demystify the ins and outs of teaching beginning band pedagogy, improve classroom management, and help you fall in love with teaching again!

That’s why BAND:TOGETHER was created, the beginning band instruction and classroom management membership designed to take you from tired and worn-out to reinvigorated and excited about teaching so that you KEEP IN GOING!

When you join BAND:TOGETHER, you’ll gain access to:

✅ The Complete Bite-Size Behavior Course
✅ Our Members-Only Video Vault
✅ Tons of Done-For-You Content every month
✅ Live MONTHLY PD with Q&A Sessions with an Expert Teacher
✅ The FIRST DAYS LASTING WAYS Classroom Management Bootcamp
✅ Teacher’s Tips: 24 hour support help line.
✅ Free Bonus Content
✅ And SO much more!

So don’t miss out on an entire year of proven systems, done-for-you resources, and live mentoring to help you create the beginning band classroom of your dreams!