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The Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival has decided not to have a festival this year. Instead of holding our annual Banff Festival, we will be working with the website Teach Band 101 to present a new section entitled One Week at a Time.

This project will present new information weekly which will help teachers prepare for the next week of teaching. Although we cannot offer you our exciting festival experience, our hope is that this resource will help make your 2021 teaching experience more successful and rewarding. Enjoy!

Willie Connell
Executive Director
Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival

Kokopelli Choir (2018)
Vincent Massey Collegiate Wind Ensemble (2017)

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Selles

  • Introductions
  • How and why COVID 19 is impacting the mental health of some individuals?
  • The impact of anxious students, parents and administrators
  • Increased risk for individuals with pre-existing conditions
  • Isolation and the lack of in-person instruction and interaction
  • What are the signs my mental health has been affected beyond normal?
  • Stigma around mental health issues and getting support
  • Self care strategies
  • Should we expect a return to normal post pandemic?
  • Final words of advice

Anxiety Canada Resources

Coping With COVID-19

Anxiety Canada


Non-Rehearsal Strategies and Community Building

Shared from the Florida chapter of American Choral Directors Association 

Do you know your students and your environment? What do they need and what do they respond to? Creating a safe and inviting atmosphere is so important in the everyday walk of a music educator whether you are working with public or private school students K-12, collegiate, or adults.

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